At The End of Holyrood Lane downloadable fun


In this story, Flick loves twirling her dance ribbon wand when she feels happy and free. When the ribbon swirls in colourful circles it comes alive like a rainbow-coloured serpent – a friendly one of course! Make your own ribbon wand and dance like no one is watching just like Flick.You don’t have to go as fancy as the one in the video instructions (click on image to view). Simply glue or tie your favourite piece of ribbon onto a length of dowel and dance away!

Experiment with different lengths, colours and thicknesses of ribbon. Instead of a full-length ribbon wand to dance with, try creating a smaller version to use as bookmarks, for party decorations or as gifts, using small colourful sticks and curling ribbon. Let your imagination unfurl!

How to make a Ribbon Wand

Acting out a story is a great way of expressing your feelings. Design a puppet play to help tell your story. It’s even more fun if you get others to join in. You’ll have to make the puppets first! Click on the image for video instructions on how to make your own sock puppet. They don’t need to be fancy at all to be fun! Googly eyes, pom pom hair, felt tongues, use anything you have in your craft box to give your puppets their own crazy character. Just make sure to tell Dad before you steal his socks!

How to make a sock puppet


Once the storms passed, the beautiful warm buttery sunshine melted across Flick’s cheeks making her feel safe and  happy. Biting into a freshly baked buttery biscuit gives me the same feeling. Here’s a recipe for Melting Moments that is as comforting as warm sunlight on a winter’s day. Get creative. Once you’ve baked one batch, experiment with different variations and flavours. Scrummy!

Melting Moments recipe

Melting Moments recipe


Nicky Johnston created all the beautiful pictures used to illustrate this story. She seems to have run out of paint though! Can you help her finish colouring these pages? Perhaps you could try some of the worksheets, too. Just click on the images below to download. Don’t be afraid to ask a parent or friend for help if you get stuck!  Why not share these with a brother or sister. For some virtual online fun, try Flick’s own jigsaw puzzle. Make it as hard or as easy as you like by changing the number of pieces you play with. Visit the Virtual Jigsaw Puzzles page for even more amazing online jigsaws to complete!

Click here for Flick under the beech woods Jigsaw Puzzle

Colour in page

Match the Emotions worksheet 3

Write a Book Review worksheet 1

Spot the Difference page

Safe People worksheet 2