Keepsakes – Fly Away Home

Keepsakes - Fly Away Home

All the tales included in this story about family were born from a challenge set by Sally Odgers to create a collection of stories inspired by a chosen keepsake. Each individual tale is cleverly woven into a tapestry of memories that spans five generations beginning with Lavender Merriweather. Fun and thought provoking, Keepsakes is part ghost story, part anthology and ultimately about the relationships between five very different women related by blood and a family talent.

My contribution, Fly Away Home, was inspired by a silver winged-lady charm, which instantly reminded me of the hood ornament of a Rolls Royce.

Books were my best friends as a kid but my father’s were his cars. He loved them and would spend every waking moment polishing, tuning, tyre-blacking, and abusing the neighbourhood birds whenever any of them dared to blight his handiwork. It was like living in Kingswood Country! So when I received the Silver Lady charm, I immediately thought of Dad and his car obsession. While researching Fly Away Home, I soon came to admire the handcrafted magnificence of the Rolls Royce. With its distinctive hood ornament, also known as the Spirit of Ecstasy, it is comparable to no other automobile. I think I might even want one now.

Published: December 2014
Publisher: Prints Charming Books $27.95 Contact the author
Format: Print on demand, Paperback 364pp
Ideal for: Adult lovers of short stories with a bridging theme. Fly Away Home suitable for 12 + years.
Type: Adult anthology

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