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Illustration courtesy Emma Reynolds Kookie Magazine

Perfect Prue Short Story Issue 6 March 2019









Casey’s cousin is the best at absolutely everything. Trouble is, she’s turning their school camp into the worst one ever!

Perfect Prue is a short story about competitive cousins, capsizing catastrophes, fitting in and sailing! When Prue Pending returns from living overseas in Singapore, she is reunited with her cousin, Casey. They go to the same school and are attending the same school camp. Things should be fun and easy except for Casey, trying to live up to her cousin’s perfect reputation and ability to ace anything she turns her hand to is mega annoying. Dinghy sailing is the one thing Casey excels at and she can’t wait to show Prue who is boss on the water. It’s not until she nearly loses her cousin that Casey realises being perfect is not  everything it’s cracked up to be.

I learnt to sail on bigger sailing boats than the dinghy Casey and Prue used in my story but the exhilaration of skimming across the waves with the wind whipping against your cheeks is the same. Like Prue and Casey, I had to learn how to recover from a capsize, which thankfully I managed to do without losing any crewmates! If you have ever felt like you’ll never be good enough, this is adventure tale will help you realise that simply being you is perfect enough!

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Issue 6 March 2019