Lucky Draw – Perfect Prue

Perfect Prue Issue 6 March 2019

Lucky Draw - Perfect Prue


Lucky Draw is an exciting collection of stories and poems especially for children covering 7 different genres, told by 33 authors. There are over 50 stories to thrill, intrigue, amaze and delight, plus over 50 story prompts to inspire your own creativity. Parents, teachers, and librarians claim Lucky Draw is an entertaining and inspiring accompaniment for young budding authors.

I love a lucky dip. Never knowing what you are going to get is one of the best surprises in life, which is why I got involved with this anthology. My Lucky Draw category was Adventure.

When I started writing Perfect Prue, I quickly realised that the adventure I wanted to share was one about sailing. I learnt to sail on bigger sailing boats than the dinghy Casey and Prue used in my story but the exhilaration of skimming across the waves with the wind whipping against your cheeks is the same. Like Prue and Casey, I had to learn how to recover from a capsize, which thankfully I managed to do without losing any crewmates!

A slightly different version of Perfect Prue also appears in 2019 Issue 6 of the Kookie Magazine. It’s thrilling to know young tweens have access to great stories and a bedazzling variety of other interesting topics to keep them reading through magazines like this. You must check it out!

Published: April 2015
Publisher: Prints Charming Books $25.00 Contact the author
Format: Print on demand, Paperback 238pp
Ideal for: 7 – 12 year olds
Type: Anthology of short stories and poems for children

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