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Oswald often felt overwhelmed in this story until he discovered how to use his crayons to help him in other ways. When I was a kid, my dad used to make us cute paper boats. I’d spend hours decorating them in rainbow colours using my crayons. The waxy coating meant they not only looked beautiful but were waterproof as well! Try making your own origami paper boat just like Oswald and his classmates did for their science experiment. Click on the image below for full video instructions and remember, practise makes perfect. Colour them in. Experiment with different designs, go crazy with whatever floats your boat! Then instead of playing Pooh Sticks, see if your boat will float.

How to make an origami paper boat

Acting out a story is a great way of expressing your feelings. Design a puppet play to help tell your story. It’s even more fun if you get others to join in. You’ll have to make the puppets first! Click on the image for video instructions on how to make your own sock puppet and then recreate parts of Oswald’s story using them. They don’t need to be fancy at all to be fun! Googly eyes, pom pom hair, felt tongues, use anything you have in your craft box to give your puppets their own crazy character. Just make sure to tell Dad before you steal his socks!

How to make a Sock Puppet!

Have you heard of the term ‘looking through rose-coloured glasses‘? It means seeing things in a different, often better more positive light, sometimes refusing to see reality. Oswald did the opposite. He often saw the worst and worried a lot about things he felt he couldn’t control. Perhaps he needs a pair of rose-coloured glasses. You could make him some! Click on the image of Dimity below in her stunning pair of homemade origami sunglasses for full instructions. To really see through them you may need to cut holes for lenses (cellophane is great for these!). To keep your new sunnies safely on your head, why not make a colourful glasses-chain using a bit of crocheted or plaited wool or string. If origami glasses are not your style, try making glasses out of pipe-cleaners or stiff cardboard. Don’t forget those coloured lenses! They really help you see the world better.

How to make origami sunglasses


Unlike Oswald, I don’t mind Brussel Sprouts at all but they are not my favourite thing to eat…Spaghetti is (after ice cream!)  Spaghetti is also one of the messiest foods to eat. Even slurping one strand up at a time can result in tomato-coloured chaos all over your face and shirt! But messy can be fun and…delicious! So why not make this classic slurperlicous Spaghetti Bolognese yourself and get messy with it! Just don’t let Ozzie know. Another all time yummy way to start the day is with a plate of creamy scrambled eggs on toast. Oswald was a bit worried about the eggs exploding during his science project but when you’re scrambling eggs, that’s exactly what you want!

Click on the images below to download these recipes.

Easy Spaghetti Bolognese recipe

Best Ever Scrambled Eggs recipe


Oswald’s illustrator, Siobhan McVey,  is superbly gifted at drawing but she seems to have forgotten to colour these ones in. Can you help her? Click on the images below to download fun activities, book review templates, worksheets and colouring-in sheets (scroll down to find them!) You can even put together your own Oswald Messweather jigsaw puzzles! Play against the clock and see if you can beat me. Click on the cover image (Jigsaw puzzle one) to access the puzzle. Visit the Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle page for even more amazing online jigsaws to complete!

Write a Book Review Worksheet 1

Safe People Worksheet 2

Things That Float Worksheet 3

Ways to Tidy Up Our…World! Worksheet 4

Matching Emotions to Colours Worksheet 5

Sink or Float Results Worksheet 6

Oswald Jigsaw Puzzle!

Colour In Page

Colour In Page


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