Pippa and The Troublesome Twins

Young squab or squeaker Is it Pepi or Penn?








Pippa is one feisty little pigeon. She loves nothing more than exploring the world around her treetop home and has even survived one or two adventures on her own. However, when her twin baby brothers, Pepi and Penn arrive, life becomes chaotic for the whole family. Pippa’s dreams of exploring further afield are curtailed as her parents’ time and energy are incessantly consumed by the twins’ constant demands for food and attention.  After being relegated to babysit her brothers and nearly losing them in the process, a new danger finally forces Pippa to be the big sister she never thought she could be.

Pippa and The Troublesome Twins is the next exciting episode in our plucky little pigeon’s life as she learns to overcome the disruption of new family members and realises the value of siblings. Sibling jealousy and the feeling of displacement is not new to picture book stories but it has never before been told from an avian point of view. Young readers will instantly recognise this common family dynamic from their own situations while simultaneously learning even more about one of our most fascinating bird species, the homing pigeon.

Did you know young squabs or squeakers as they are known by pigeon fanciers are among the noisiest and most demanding of baby birds? Their constant screeching demands attention and mimics the squeals and cries of small humans so it’s little wonder youngsters like, Pippa feel the need to escape. Squabs or baby pigeons aren’t exactly the cutest looking baby birds but their perky personalities and distinctive squeaking make them fascinating to behold as they grow into clever and colourful adult birds.

The Troublesome Twins is a fun, follow-on Pippa adventure involving our beloved feathered friend that will have young readers on the edge of their nests but is equally entertaining as a stand-alone story.

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Published: 1 June 2023  (HB) & (PB)
Illustrator: Andrew Plant
Publisher: Ford Street Publishing, $26.95 (HB), $17.95 (PB)
ISBN:  9781922696281 (HB)  9781922696298 (PB)
Format: Hardcover 32pp
Ideal for: 3 – 6 years

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