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I love stories that offer a clash of normal and unexpected like Seasick Stu. You would think all ducks love the water and are natural born swimmers, right. Not Stu.

Stu the duck has an embarrassing tendency; whenever he gets near water, he succumbs to terrible seasickness. This nauseating habit segregates him from ‘mainstream’ pond life, eventually sending him on a colourful odyssey in search of a cure and sense of self.

Along the way, he discovers fitting in isn’t necessarily everything and that it takes all kinds of ‘ducks’ to fill a duck pond. When he is forced to help the scoundrel Scallywag, Stu finally reveals his true qualities and realises being different is not only okay but useful, too.

Unfortunately, Stu never finds a cure for his physical ailment but discovers something far better; solace in being himself.

Seasick Stu is a picture book about fitting in, standing out and striking it alone. It explores the themes of celebrating differences, nurturing self-esteem, helping others in times of need, belonging, friendship and acceptance in lively, lilting prose with generous helpings of pun-some fun.

This tale was inspired by an English family member who is terrified of snorkeling which really hampers his enjoyment of swimming. The more I thought about this, the funnier the concept of a duck who never swam because he got seasick seemed, although not so funny for our relative!

Published: February 2019
Illustrator: Kindergo
Publisher: Like a Photon Creative Kids Content – Kindergo Kids
Format:    Digital App
Ideal for:   3 – 5 years
Type:       Immersive, interactive learning, curative App E Book

Printed Version available from Amazon

Published: 2019
Paperback: 20 pages
Publisher: Like a Photon Creative Pty, from $14.99
Language: English
Format: Paperback 20pp
Ideal For: 3 – 5 years Printed version of the online app story