The Chapel of Unlove – Story City App

The Chapel of Unlove - Story City App

If you relish being in control of your own destiny, being the hero of the moment or have a passing fancy for anything Elvis, then you’ll love my locative digital narrative, The Chapel of Unlove.

The Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards Shortlisted The Chapel of Unlove takes place in and around the Sanctuary Cove Marina at the northern end of the Gold Coast, Queensland. It’s a riotous romp through one of the Coast’s most iconic and picturesque marine havens featuring Machiavellian magicians, pooch-loving pirates, hair-raising boat rides and galleons of tongue in cheek humour; a kind of Elvis meets Death at a Funeral.

Imagine your godmother is about to marry the man of your nightmares, an Elvis impersonator named, Barry. Despite the stunning Sanctuary Cove Resort location they’ve chosen for their nuptials, things turn decidedly ugly when the wedding bouquet suddenly disappears along with your godmother’s antique wedding rings. It’s up to you to decide whether you help them make it to the chapel in time or sabotage this disastrous match for good.

Story City is unique in that it allows you to fully immerse yourself into a choose-your-own-adventure-style experience, where you are the main character and can literally choose whichever path you’d like the story to take. I love that the reader has the ultimate control and that Story City encourages readers of all ages to get out and physically discover more about the locales they reside in or visit. It truly is an awesome story telling experience. Better than Pokémon!  And I had an absolute ball conceiving and writing one of the adventures! (Don’t forget to keep an eye and ear out for the hidden easter eggs and bonus activities and then share your adventure with the world!)

ABC Gold Coast radio interview with Damien Larrkins

Information for Creatives: Using locative fiction to empower local people to tell stories that will change another’s world view, to redefine stories so they’re something you’re a part of, rather than something you’re told is the essence of Story City. As an advocate of using interactive stories to elicit social impact and ignite change and empathy within communities, I am proud to be an official Story City Community Mentor. As part of a select team of experienced writers, editors and producers, I am available to mentor your immersive cultural project from start to finish ensuring maximum impact and positive connections. Visit the Story City site for mentor details, and information about how to become a Story City Creator.

Published: December 2015
Publisher: Story City Gold Coast
Format: Digital App FREE
Ideal for: 12 years + YA, New Adult (PG rating)
Type: Immersive Interactive Locative Fiction – Choose your own Adventure

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Alternatively, tune into Story City’s podcast or You Tube recordings of my Adventure Hour ep. I read a story path LIVE with hilarious results and outcomes. Uncover your next adventure with us by clicking on the image below.

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Currently you have to be physically at the location of a chosen story to activate it and start playing, HOWEVER, this is only if you don’t have Spoiler Mode turned on 😊 With Spoiler Mode on, you can check out any story from the comfort of your own home. To turn on Spoiler Mode go to that story overview page . Hit the triple dot button on the upper right of that page and go into settings. There you will be able to turn Spoiler Mode on. The grey ‘ start’ button should then go to orange and you can do any of the stories you can see on the map! Currently it will show you the closest 10 stories to your location, but updates will allow you to look at any story there is in the app on the map, not just your closest ones.

Enjoy The Chapel of Unlove as a choose-your-own-adventure story from anywhere in the world!

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