The Fix-It Man downloadable fun


In this story, flying kites helped everyone feel better, like Dad’s peach and honey tea. Kites make wonderful gifts for friends and family as bookmarks or decorations.

Why not string several different coloured ones together on coloured ribbon to decorate your room or garden. Or tie three or four kites to four equal pieces of string and then make into a mobile.You could even tie one on the end of a coloured craft stick and take it for a fly, just like we did at The Fix-It Man launch. So much fun!


Crochet Kite Pattern


Mama was gifted at making things in this story, including puppets. Click on the image for video instructions on how to make your own sock puppet. They don’t need to be fancy at all to be fun! Googly eyes, pom pom hair, felt tongues, use anything you have in your craft box to give your puppets their own crazy character. Just make sure to tell Dad before you steal his socks!


How to make a Sock Puppet



Delicious Peach Iced Tea



The Fix-It Man Illustrator, Nicky Johnston is a fantastic artist but has forgotten to finish colouring in these pictures. See if you can help her. Click on the images below to download The Fix-It Man colour in pages and activity sheets.

Kite Colour In page

Tiger Colour In page

Spot the Difference Dad

Spot the Difference Fixing Things