Lodestone A magnetic journey – Virtually Yours

One mysterious stone. Eight millennia. Thirteen authors. Twenty five stories. A captivating anthology of short stories showcasing the mysterious magnetic qualities of the Lodestone as it travels throughout time, history and space. Stories span from 6300 BC to the not-so-distant 2040s and beyond.

As one of the custodians of the stone, I penned the tale, Virtually Yours; a virtually futuristic inspired tale about one girl adrift in her quest to find answers and an unacknowledged Eden.

Lodestone is suitable for older teens and YA readers and anyone who loves the scent of mystery and adventure.

I never studied Geology at school but I do remember experimenting with the magical qualities of magnets as a teenager. Later on, I discovered crystals and remain fascinated by their mysterious powers and kaleidoscope of colours and forms to this day, so it’s no wonder I was immediately drawn to the Lodestone anthology idea.

A lot of the time, writing for kids reminds me of being one; the good bits, the yuck bits and the I-just-want-to-cut-my-head-off bits, because that’s what being a teenager is like, some days. In this story, Florie sets out on her adventures virtually, with the help of a lodestone. I set out on my adventures at the tender age of six, with the help of some terrific stories.

Published: November 2016
Publisher: Print Charming Books $20.00 Contact author
Format: Print on demand, Paperback 282pp
Ideal for: Tweens, YA and adventure lovers
Type: Anthology for older readers

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