Circus School – Kindergo App

Circus School was one of the first picture book texts I ever penned. It originated as an assignment for a writing course I was undertaking at the time. It features Elise the Elephant who is about to fulfil her dream of performing in the circus. She embarks on her first day of circus school bursting with excitement but in spite of her Coach Caroline’s enthusiastic encouragement, soon realises she is not exactly cut out for life in the circus. Or is she? In a delightful twist of reality, Elise is one elephant who can’t wait to join the circus.

This is a bouncy story of self-discovery and tenacity for pre-schoolers featuring oodles of fun word play and exuberant onomatopoeia. It is available as an immersive, interactive storytelling experience on the Pixapops online platform as part of the Kindergo App.

Published: February 2017
Illustrator: Beatriz Mello
Publisher: Like a Photon Creative Kids Content – Kindergo
Format: Digital App
Ideal for: 3 – 6 years
Type: Immersive, interactive learning, curative App E Book

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