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Pippa is a little pigeon with big dreams who loves to fly. I was lucky enough to have a loft full of pigeons as a kid and watched them fly everyday. If your backyard is not big enough to keep pigeons, why not make your own! Start with an origami pigeon. Click on the image below for full video instructions. Experiment with different coloured paper. String them up in flocks to make a mobile or decorative chain to decorate your classroom or bedroom. You could also attach strings to them to use as puppets.

For a more simplistic flying version, try this link.

How to make an origami pigeon

Humans invented planes to fly and mimic birds. As a kid, I would have loved to fly like Pippa, soaring and sailing high in the sky. If I had to choose a super power, it would be to fly. Making things fly is the next best thing. Do you have a favourite way of making paper planes? This method is very easy (click on image below for full instructions). Use it to see how far and high you can make your plane fly. It may take several ‘prototypes’ until you have the perfect design. Get creative and experiment with your own designs.

How to make a paper plane

Pippa had to do a lot of fancy manoeuvres to out-fly the falcon. Recreate her adventures in your own puppet play. You could attached sticks to the origami puppets you made earlier or try making this easy string flying bird puppet. Or click on the image below for Dimity’s own personalised video instructions.

Make different sized puppets and get your friends to operate them in your own bird show! Don’t be afraid to decorate your puppets with paints, crayons or even real feathers.

How to make a flying bird puppet


Pigeons like Pippa adore grains like corn and wheat. It gives them all the energy they need to fly for miles and miles. Make sure you never run out of energy when you are exploring by having some of these fantastically tasty, mostly healthy, fruity muesli bars. The Healthy Honey version looks perfect for a pigeon but tastes wickedly wonderful. Pippa even had these at her book launch!They are simple to make – ask a parent to help with the tricky bits – are much better than the bought ones. If you really want to get like a pigeon, why not pop some corn! It’s hands down one of the easiest and most delicious snacks to make! This Caramel Crunch Popcorn is the bomb!  Warning – keep away from pigeons and young siblings (they’ll only eat it all!)

Click on the images below to download the recipes.

Fruity Muesli Bar Slice recipe

Fruity Muesli Bar recipe

Healthy Yummy Honey Muesli Bar recipe

Healthy Honey Muesli Bar recipe

Caramel Crunch Popcorn Bombs recipe


Pippa’s illustrator, Andrew Plant is brilliant at drawing wild birds and animals, mostly because he loves them as much as I do. He seems to have forgotten to colour these ones in though. Can you help him? Click on the images below to download fun activities, book review templates, worksheets and colouring-in sheets (scroll down to find them!) You can even put together your own Pippa jigsaw puzzle! Play against the clock and see if you can beat me. Click on the cover image (Jigsaw puzzle one) to access the puzzle. Visit the Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle page for even more amazing online jigsaws to complete!

Write a Book Review worksheet 1

Safe People Worksheet 2

Find the Way Maze Map Worksheet 3

Find the Way Maze Map (harder!) Worksheet 4

Pippa Jigsaw Puzzle!

Spot the Difference

Colour In Page

Colour In Page


Pigeons are so much more than just grey little birds you see bobbing around park benches. Discover the secret wonders of this amazing bird by clicking on the image below to download our Fun Facts page.

Fun Facts