This Is My Dad downloadable fun


Leo often wondered who his father was and what he might have been like. Was he good at cooking? Did he have an important job? Would he have been the type of dad who loved throwing Frisbees? Well, you don’t have to be a dad to love Frisbee throwing. I have a crazy border collie dog who adores jumping for Frisbees. Even if you don’t have a sports-mad dog, you can make your very own Frisbee and practise throwing it in your own backyard. Click on the image below for full video instructions and remember, practise makes perfect. Don’t forget, the more colourful the Frisbee, the better they fly!

How to make a Frisbee

Leo’s mum is a children’s author, like me! She loves writing adventure tales especially ones about aliens and dragons. Do you love dragons, too? I do. I often wished I had my own dragon to go on adventures with. Create your own adventure-seeking, fire-breathing friend by following the link on the image below. This shows you how to draw your own dragon. Once you’ve drawn your ‘cute’ dragon change if by experimenting with different designs, colours, patterns and facial expressions. You can use your drawings to illustrate your very own adventure tale!

Draw a Dragon!


One of Leo’s favourite meals was pizza! What’s your favourite food? Can you cook it yourself? If you love pizza too, try making your own. Click on the image below for the recipe to make your own delicious pizza base and sauce and then go bananas with the toppings. (Disclaimer: this author does NOT endorse the use of dragons, spiders or bananas as suitable pizza toppings).

Homemade Pizza recipe


Nicky Johnston created all the beautiful pictures used to illustrate this story. She seems to have run out of paint though! Can you help her finish colouring these pages? (Scroll down and click on the image to access the downloadable sheet). Perhaps you could try some of the worksheets, too. Just click on the images below to download. Don’t be afraid to ask a parent or friend for help if you get stuck!  Why not share these with a brother or sister. For some virtual online fun, try Leo’s own jigsaw puzzle. Make it as hard or as easy as you like by changing the number of pieces you play with. Visit the Virtual Jigsaw Puzzles page for even more amazing online jigsaws to complete!

Write a Book Review Worksheet 1

Safe People Worksheet 2

Guess My Occupation Worksheet 3

Matching Colours to Emotions Worksheet 4

Important People in My Life Worksheet 5

This Is My Dad Jigsaw Puzzle!

Leo spoke English in this story so he might have called his father: Dad, Daddy, Pa, or Papa. Click on the bonus Worksheet below to learn the word ‘dad’ in different languages. Match the right language to the correct country. Hint: use the picture clues to help you. The country’s flag or national dress may help you figure out which country these dads come from. Good luck! When you are finished, why not try to research ‘mother’ in different languages, too.

Dad in Different Languages Worksheet 6

More colouring pages and activities sheets!

Colour In Sheet Aliens & Dragons

Colour In Sheet 2

Spot The Difference Lounge Room

Spot The Difference Mr Aruti