PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail?

PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail? is one of the first chapter books I ever wrote. At the time, I still had a lot to learn, but it was a joy to write with such wild abandon because I loved the characters from the start, especially Sam who believes in Santa Claus, just like me.

It is a lightly illustrated, action-packed, comical Christmas mystery about disappearing mail, an evil elf, and questionable smells that rips along at the speed of a galloping reindeer. I hope that it proves once and for all that Christmas and Santa are really worth believing in and that the power of belief can allow you to achieve astounding things, no matter how old you are.

The story idea grew from the question: ‘what if all the post boxes in a small boy’s town suddenly and inexplicably disappeared just two weeks before Christmas?’ With the delivery of Santa’s mail in jeopardy and the threat of a present-less Christmas, Sam and his best mate, Tobii set out to find the real meaning of Christmas.

Published: October 2012
Illustrator: Scott Anastasi
Publisher: Morris Publishing Australia $15.95 Contact the author
ISBN: 9780985914714
Format: Paperback, 1st Edition 72pp
Ideal For: 7 – 10 year olds
Type: Junior novel / chapter book

Book Trailer: PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail? book trailer

Published Reviews:

A natural storyteller with a penchant for great dialogue and kid-centered humour, Powell has created a festive romp that will ignite the flame on your Christmas pudding. Kids’ Book Review

Quirky and delightful Susanne Gervay – author, writing ambassador

Fun, cheeky and so imaginative – a fantastic read for the season! Wai Chim – author

A fabulous read for kids (not to mention enjoyable for the adults as well). My daughters, aged 7 and 4, were so engrossed in the story that they wouldn’t let me put it down until I’d read them the entire story. Dimity has a quirky, engaging writing style and this story is full of action and fun. Highly recommend it for primary aged children. Candice Lemon-Scott – author

A fabulous read with a mystery to solve along the way. Dimity Powell writes with warmth and humour and makes reading a joy. Amazon

This is a great Christmas theme story Jill Smith – author Goodreads reviewer

The book was great. I loved it because of the elves and the Christmas spirit Jessica aged 8

Brimming with child centered humor and mystery Karen Tyrrell – author

Guarantees to…bring the magic of believing into your home Angela Sunde – author illustrator

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